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Periodontal Procedures For Orthodontics

     Multidisciplinary approach is often necessary to treat complex dental problems in our patients. Perhaps the best example of this is the orthodontic-periodontic interaction. Orthodontic treatment is based on the principle that if prolonged pressure is applied to a tooth, it will move and the surrounding bone will remodel. In essence, the tooth moves through the bone carrying the gums, periodontal ligaments, and bone with it.

     It is therefore essential that good periodontal health prevails before, during, and after orthodontic treatment. Moving teeth with periodontal disease can have deleterious effect, potentially resulting in the loss of teeth.



In addition to keeping teeth clean and healthy during orthodontic tooth movement, the periodontist provides essential    services to adolescents and adults to:


               -  assist in tooth movement (temporary anchorage devices)

               -  increase speed and accuracy of tooth movement (periodontally assisted osteogenic orthodontics)

               -  uncover impacted or unerupted teeth (tooth exposure)

               -  reposition teeth in order to avoid implants (autotransplantation

               -  make the gums look as beautiful as the teeth at the end of orthodontics (gingivectomy and crown lengthening)

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