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Dr. Steven Bradway

Specialist in Periodontics



     Dr. Bradway is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry with Perio and PhD training from the University of New York at Buffalo. He is married to Dr. Susan Hagel-Bradway.

     Early in dental training, Drs. Bradway and Hagel-Bradway felt a strong desire to know how dental diseases work at the cellular and molecular level. They felt that predictability was the hallmark of good practice and if they understood diseases at this level, they could achieve more predictable treatment results. After dental school, Dr. Steve earned a certificate in Periodontics and a PhD in Cell Biology; the study of cell behavior in the context of disease. He founded a National Institute of Health funded basic science laboratory at Ohio State University to study the interaction between human cells and specific infectious microbes. He also held a joint appointment in the Medical Biochemistry Department and trained graduate dental students in the Periodontics program as well as Masters and PhD students. Dr. Steve lectured performed research, and published in top ten international basic science journals including the Journal of Biochemistry and Science.

     Transition is part of life. After the doctors started their family, they found there was not enough time to teach, do research, patient care and raise children. They began to look at the alternative of practicing together and moving back to Washington. Over a three year period they planned their transition from academics to full time practice. It was an extraordinarily good choice that ultimately led them to current practices in Tacoma and Puyallup. The doctors were somewhat anxious about practicing together. After all, how much time can you spend with your spouse? As it turned out, practicing together has strengthened their clinical and domestic relationship. Their children are flourishing in this community and have found truly extraordinary people to work with.













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